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Places I have been to – Ruma National Park (Homabay)

Last year December I went for a drive with the family to visit relatives and friend in Nyanza got an opportunity to visit Ruma National Park it’s located at the Lambwe Valley. Legend has it that the Name Ruma came from a wizard Gor Mahia who lived around the park. Having googled about the park I discovered about the Roan Antelope and was curious to find out why they were only found in this park within Kenya.

After initially getting lost plenty of road works were going on at that time it was quite a challenge getting there we finally managed to find the junction leading to the park after a short drive in the country road we made it to the park entrance at around 9am.

Found a helpful group of Rangers who shared animal sightings and suggested areas to find more. The first 30mins there was no animal in sight the vegetation was rather dense I was nearly giving up

I finally got to see my first animal a Rothschild giraffe drinking water from then on it was giraffe after giraffe after giraffe (by know I have a soft spot for Giraffes, Zebras and Lions).


I met two rangers on patrol who directed me towards the parks Runway where I could see the Roan Antelopes I followed there instructions got myself to the runway. I drove down the runway nothing back up again nothing only a pair of Crowned Cranes soaking in the sun.  As I was head out of the runway I finally saw several Topi’s on my  rear view mirror brakes nini nini reverse chap chap shot a couple of images while doing that a group of Roan Antelopes decided to come out and play whoaaaahh!!!

The Roan Antelope is a beautiful animal tell me this face is not beautiful…

Ruma-1 Ruma-1-2 Ruma-1-3 Ruma-1-4

I tried to move closer but that only seemed to send them into the thicket nearby after the last one had disappeared into the bush we decided to leave the Park was on a mission to drive to Kisii town for lunch and get some rest in Nakuru.

Have an nice week and take care!!!!