Nairobi National Park

Places I have been to – Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is my home park (get it like home pub) I’ve visited this park more times than I can remember mostly because of the big cats. It all started because of a bet….. I had a bet with one of my friends who insisted that there were indeed lions at NNP I on the other hand thought the lions were only at the animals orphanage that was way back in 2010-11.

Fast forward 2015 I have had the pleasure of coming to know some of the Lions by their nicknames on sight and seen the number of lions in the park grow to an estimated figure of above 50. My quest has won over a couple of skeptics who like me at the beginning did not believe there are Lions at NNP. Strange fact less than 5% of Nairobians have been to the National Park.

I am doing my small part hoping that more and more people will begin to appreciate NNP and visit more often.

So during my visits I’ve learnt a few things that will make your game drive enjoyable and get maximum out of it

  1. Drive slowly
  2. Best times for game drives early morning 6-11am or late afternoon 3-7pm
  3. Ask the rangers at the gate or the ones on patrolĀ if there has been any sighting.
  4. Be friendly to other park goers and tour van drivers they can direct you to where animals have been sighted.
  5. Stay in your car safety first. Remember this are wild animals.
  6. Just drive it could be your lucky day

So here is a collection of Big Cats I have gotten over a period of time

Documentary Documentary-1-172 Documentary-1-243 Documentary-1-335 FamilyShoot-1-11 FamilyShoot-1-23 FamilyShoot-1-24 FamilyShoot-1-29 FamilyShoot-1-31 FamilyShoot-1-35