Places I have been to – Kakamega Forest

I took my family on a road trip last December after an overnight stay in Nakuru we set off on to the Nakuru – Eldoret highway without a destination in mind upon reaching the turn off to Nandi we decided to go to Kapsabet just coz we could I guess.

The road was also being worked on so patches of it were bad and others good that’s makes for a fun road trip eh? Made it to Kakamega for lunch and decided to proceed to Kisumu as we drove down Riat Hills the car started making funny noises from the back wheel made a stop in Kondele at had the bearing fixed. At around 5pm decided to go back to Kakamega and find a place to stay overnight after several calls from my Kakamega residents Rondo Retreat was praised enough to raise my curiosity.

The drive from the main road to the retreat is about 10-13kms on a dirt road my only fear was the rain it was already getting dark and we did not know how far the place would be.

We made it at around 7pm the Retreat doesn’t take people after 6pm but since we had called in advance they were kind enough to let us in.

We were assigned a cottage called Isukha which is a cozy family room with nice furniture and fittings. I don’t usually write about food but the food at Rondo deservers a special mention Dinner time the soup and bread (Oh the bread). That bread was finger licking good I have never had bread this soft and sweet I nearly forgot about the main course… (Visit Rondo and have that bread then let me know what you think about it).

Since we reached at night I did not get a chance to see the grounds until the following morning this is one place I wouldnt mind waking up every morning. Birds singing, Fresh Air, breath taking view, the trees ohh the trees, the gardens, the tea growing outside the gates and the BREAD…. I am on again about the Bread….

Unfortunately I did not get enough time to visit the Kakamega Forest but for sure I will be back for a proper visit…

Rondo-1 Rondo-1-2 Rondo-1-3 Rondo-1-4 Rondo-1-5 Rondo-1-6


Enjoy your week and have some bread……


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