Places I have been to – Amboseli OneTouch Edition

Disclaimer : I don’t like writing.. I am learning to write… hopefully I will enjoy writing as much as I enjoy taking photos.

I love travel and discovering new frontiers being part of a group of photographers read OneTouch I have had the pleasure of traveling to different parts of Kenya with the intention of showcasing the beauty that is Kenya

On this particular trip our destination was the Amboseli National park one of the parks in my wishlist with 15 persons, two vans and an open road its was the beginning of an amazing/breath taking/awesome/did I say amazing yeah you get the point

I have to visit Amboseli again and again I have a soft spot for Elephants what magnificent creatures they are….. a pity we are letting poachers threaten our National Heritage

Enjoy the images!!


Swabra watching the sunrise in Amboseli


First Ellie we saw at Amboseli


Present and Future generations

Image Image










Meet Tim one of the last remaining Ellies with massive tusks in Amboseli


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