#ShootingKenya #OneTouchLive

There is a group of highly talented and totally awesome photographers and videographers  by the name OneTouch and I’m highly privileged to be a part of this team.

We have this on-going theme and vision of showcasing the beauty of Kenya hence the handle #shootingkenya and #OneTouchLive. These week the plan was to shoot the sunrise from Uhuru Park, the Ngong Wind Farm your guessed it Ngong and Sunset at Lake Magadi.

On the material day I work up at 4:30am was ready to be picked up by @profkatts and @nkatetei.  at 5:15am Optimus was at my gate we made our way to South C to pick up @sirnare @MemyKenya and @Amungathegreat. God must have been listening to our prayers since it was a cloudless morning the moon was still glowing up above.

We were at Uhuru Park at around 6:05 where the OneTouch fam (@Shaydest, @dipwiz, @jaydabliu, @truthslinger, @Nyingez, @SunnylikeNjeri, @stevekitots, @kevjapicha, @mwarv,@skubi and @joemakeni follow them on twitter)had already gathered Cameras, Lens, Phones and Tripods taking aim towards the direction of the sun.

At approximately 6:20am the amber glows of the sun and within no time the sun in all its glory and majesty appeared… You may need a moment or two to take it all in…

Next stop was Ngong Hills at the Ngong Wind Farm it was a bit windy and cold you have to see these monsters up close these machines rotate to follow the wind as they generate clean energy we need more of that I think to save the hole up top Ozone something right..

What transpired after the wind farm has been given a name ‘Chaipati’ which is becoming a tradition of sorts 35 Chapatis and 17 cups of tea the Cook/Chef had to chomoka from the kitchen to see who was eating the chapos faster than he was cooking them..

Another stop at Corner Baridi absorbing the view some photo bombing and lots of banter we proceeded to Olepolos only to fine it closed bummer only for us to discover another joint across the hill called Kitalu a fairly new place. The chaps were passing by to do a bit of work at the site but were kind enough to slaughter the goat below for our indulgence… Indulge we did to a point where we lost track of time.

Magadi being 60km away we had to literally race against time to capture the sunset. It was like an episode of the Amazing race. Upon reaching Magadi there was little time to setup the sun was almost setting and this massive cloud was shielding the sun from us. We had to make do with what was available and had our 10mins before the sun disappeared.

Last words it was a day well spent with great people, lots of laughter, lots of images and lots of learning. Take time to follow the OneTouch team on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and on their individual blogs/sites.


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