Chaps, Cake and two very pretty Girls

The last two Saturdays I have been in a wedding line up and a guest/paparazzi at two weddings. On the 21st my boy Moses was finally tying the knot after keeping us waiting for ages (pun intended) and on the 28th my homeboy Macharia was pulling the same stunt.

Both occasion were held within the church compound service and reception at Parkland Baptist and NPC Karen respectively.

Moses and Harriet

Mr & Mrs Omukambi

Since I was in the wedding line up I could not manage to take shots but since I carry my camera everywhere I handed it over to my side kick one Sejo put it on Full Auto, which he had a blast with and nice images to boot. I also managed a few shots of Harriet and the bridal party during the photo session at land mark images shared below.

Mrs Omukambi

Macharia and Nancy

Mr & Mrs Macharia

Mr & Mrs Macharia

The days started on a low (it was not a very good day for science – Dexter) I woke up much later than I had anticipated why is that important you may ask? A good pal of mine Macharia my neighbour in my old hood  since we were born was getting married I was meant to go take a few shots of the grooms men before they left for church…. let’s just say me waking up late messed a few things that morning we shall leave it at that..

Moving on, I reached the reception at around 2pm the Bride and Groom had gone for their photo session chilled a bit for them to come back hand a blast after that. Met so many old faces it was like a Jeri re-union

For more wedding photos go to my weddings Page and have a look


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