I ditched Auto Mode

My journey with Baibey continued our companionship ever growing, more often than not any activity that presented an opportunity to freeze a few frames we would be there faithfully clicking away.

My Sensei gave me some assignments to try out on my own the only catch being I use Manual Mode. Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO were still proving to be a challenge especially in dark places but after lots of trials and a lot more atrocious shots I began getting ‘better’ results and understanding these three terms.

The discovery that I could use my two old gifted lenses (35-70mm and 70-300mm) on all the other modes opened up new learning experiences.  At the beginning I had tried mounting these lenses but kept getting this FEEEE error on the display so I had given up. With the help of my Sensei I was shown how to hack (Just in case you need to know for old AF lens turn the Aperture ring to the highest stop in my case F22 and Wallahhh!!)

Bringing Baibey with me on occasions has been a blessing in disguise I mean no queuing at the stadium when going to watch Harambee stars playing getting vantage positions to view proceedings.

A colleague of mine hooked me up with a complementary ticket to go see Hugh Masekela (Being me I could not pass up a freebie) this provided a chance to capture images of my First Concert and it was quite a big deal for me…

I loved Hugh’s the facial expressions as he was performing you will notice this was my main focus.  You will notice the images are a bit soft I was using a slow shutter speed kit lens limitations now I know better still saving up for a fast one. I enjoyed the music so much that at times I forgot to capture images and took to the floor (This guy is a performer and a half worth every bit of my free complementary). Enjoy….


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