The Begining

The beginning..

On December 12th 2011 I got my D90 (referred from here on as Baibey) It has been a journey of discovery lots of trials and errors, inspired light bulb moments, those aaahaaa moments when it all clicks nicely and lots of images deleted never to see the light of day again. The journey has been an eye opener quite literally in so many ways I have acquired not only knowledge of the powers that are hidden within the Aluminium alloy and plastic body that is the Nikon D90 but friendships that will last forever.

For you to grasp where my fascination with Baibey came from we have to go way back to when I decided to pick up a camera in the first place and specifically a Nikon for that matter. I’ve always had this fascination with photography because of my old man a retired photo-journalist back then he looked super cool with his Nikon F3 (Which I now own!!) strapped to his shoulder or away on his travels coming back with stories about his assignments, rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful some of the images he took if they survived the Editors knife pick would appear in the papers with credits to him of all this fascinated me even more I was won over.

Back to the present date 20+years later my old man retired and walked off into the sunset leaving behind his trusty Nikon N6006 and the F3 with a couple of lens. They laid there for a long long while gathering dust until one day I stumbled onto the gear carried the bags to my house where it  gathered even more dust for another long long while up until mid 2010 when I picked the N6006 out of boredom.

Lights, Camera, Action

I ventured out and it coincided with the day both my big bro and I were going to introduce our better halves to our Mom (cheesy I know!! Moving on..). At this point I dint have a clue about any buttons on the camera itself apart from the power button. What I was doing was basically pointing and shooting with total disregards to any photography rules. On that day I took one and a half rolls of film having nothing interesting shoot after this the dust continued to gather on the gear some more.

My second, third and fourth outings were when the big bro was going to the in-laws’ for the 1st introduction visit, during the Ghana Vs Uruguay Match at K1(Soccer City) and a pal of mine teaching kids how to skate in the CBD . After filling up like 9 rolls of films the wait was too much for me I decided to get the films processed first on negatives. I later discovered the images could be copied to disk after having spent quite a tidy sum on the process.

Here are some of the results you be the judge…I dint say they were pretty (probably pretty isn’t the right word) I know they are not among the greatest Kodak moments but I had to start from somewhere…

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The Spark

Having seen the output of my efforts I started reading up about the camera and the lenses thank god for the internet. Eventually downloaded a manual and somewhere in there in the scheme of things the spark appeared.

At this point new terms started coming up Shutter speed, aperture, white Balance, metering, f-stops’, Exposure they were all too complex for me but now looking back it was worth the effort me thinks. The more I googled the more information I discovered and the more I took the N6006 out more frequently it became at some point an accessory in the boot of my car… I shot a lot more photos and there was some improvement. I had not figured the shutter and aperture part fully because in the dark my images came out really weird Red eye on Camera flash, ghosting and blurring galore all the bad thing you never want to associate with photography. Never one to give up without a fight I bought more film rolls and batteries. Got out some more trying out different settings between the two lenses I had.  At this point I had taken pictures at two weddings as a guest, Football Kenya Vs Uganda at Nyayo and at the ASK Nairobi Show (yeah even caught the Champion Cow and Bull!!).

Next week: The Journey Continues…



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